Moneypenny Minute: Your Finance Moment.

Think of an estate plan as a roadmap that will guide the process of passing along your wealth after you pass away. This roadmap includes: A will, which outlines who will receive your assets, who will care for your children (if you have any), and who… Read More >>

SWM Has an Intern

Meet Our Intern! Hello everyone! My name is Sophia Singer, and I am currently taking part in an internship at Singer Wealth Management to gain real-world experience in the finance industry and broaden my financial understanding of financial planning and investing. I am currently a third-year… Read More >>

Financial Independence for the Family PR

Who is Your Family PR? If you’ve been tapped as the Personal Representative for your parents or grandparents, you should know that it comes with certain legal obligations. Below are some tips for the PR of an estate and an estate management checklist for you to consider. PR, Know Who… Read More >>

Celebrating all Dads

Dad’s Have Great Advice On regular occasions when I find myself needing money and life advice, I naturally go back to my father. He always answers my questions, weighs in on business ideas and is a great sounding board when I’m looking for feedback on questions… Read More >>

Invest in Moms!

Celebrating Moms For the past 100 years, we have been celebrating moms with flowers and brunch, but it’s time we begin celebrating mom with cold hard cash. The pandemic has highlighted mom’s role as an occupation without compensation. It is time to start compensating our moms for their… Read More >>

Knowledge is Money

Financial literacy may be the quickest way to prosperity Financial literacy is the knowledge and skill used to solve financial problems, and to attain this knowledge requires time, diligence and quality educational resources. Comprehending core concepts such as cashflow management, tax strategy, home ownership, debt management,… Read More >>

* t w o * Years to Remember

Reflecting on the recent past requires us to think about the Covid-19 pandemic. The tremendous toll that the pandemic has taken on our health, traditions and livelihoods will be with us for years; however, it’s also important for us to recognize the achievements that have come… Read More >>

Celebrating Makena!

Hello everyone! My name is Makena Yee and I’m currently a full time student at the University of Washington Seattle campus, and in my free time I own my own social media management and content creation business while also running a Seattle food blog (Instagram: @seattle.grub)… Read More >>

Welcome Katy!

Excited to be growing our team at SWM  SWM is growing! Welcome Katy Cook, our first Client Associate. Katy is a keen observer of the details and uses her training, integrity and boundless kindness to help clients work toward the financial goals that matter most to therm…. Read More >>

Happy Anniversary Hope!

Grateful to be reaching business goals with Hope It has been such a wonderful first year working together. I look forward to the many years of collaboration to come, your contributions are incredibly appreciated! Thank you so much! – Alicia Back to the old days Way… Read More >>

Hope is a thing with feathers

“Hope is a thing with feathers” – Emily Dickinson We all hope to be financially independent. That feeling where we know that we don’t owe anything to anybody and can live life feeling content. If your finances are secure your options are unlimited. You are free… Read More >>

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