3 Surprising Tips Every Working Parent Should Know

On the SWM blog, we talk a lot about core financial skills, like estimating costs, building budgets, and comparing investment options. Whether you’re developing a travel budget or aiming for financial independence, financial skills help us become stronger, more independent individuals.  But these aren’t the only skills… Read More >>

Trade Your Desk Chair for a Beach Chair

While summer has begun to slip away, perhaps your vacation dreams haven’t set sail yet. The good news is, it’s not too late! Whether you have a last-minute summer getaway on the mind, or you’ve started to hatch vacation plans for the chillier months, plan on… Read More >>

How to Travel When You Love Your Job

At some point we all daydream about vacation — sipping wine in glowing vineyards, dipping our toes in glassy lagoons, meandering through world-class galleries.  While it can be hard to pull away from our daily lives and ambitions in order to travel, it can do a… Read More >>

The Professional’s Path to Financial Independence

The FIRE movement is ablaze among millennial professionals — that is, the Financial Independence, Retire Early movement. These tenacious professionals have set out to do two things:  Become financially independent, meaning they have enough money to pay for their expenses without needing to be employed or… Read More >>

How to Achieve Financial Freedom in a Marriage

As married couples plan their futures together, it’s important to remember that maintaining individuality is healthy for all relationships. Creating space to pursue our own interests allows us and our partners to be ourselves, reminding us why we choose to be together.  This same principle applies… Read More >>

Dads: Give Your Daughters the Gift of Financial Strength

With Father’s Day campaigns like #DadsDoHairToo — which showcases talented fathers giving their daughters fabulous hairstyles — dads are getting the recognition they deserve as they help their daughters grow into confident, strong women. When it comes to finance, dads can play a positive role by… Read More >>

The Father’s Day Gift He’ll Use for a Lifetime

While that maroon tie you’ve been eyeing could perfectly round out Dad’s collection, consider shaking up Father’s Day by giving Dad a gift that’ll be invaluable for years to come — not only for him, but for you, too. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day by building Dad… Read More >>

Mom Has Smart Financial Advice!

Mother’s Day has come and gone, but there are so many reasons to celebrate Mom year-round. Here at SWM, we like to celebrate her financial know-how. While one study found that dads are often the ones to dole out allowances and oversee large purchases, it’s moms… Read More >>

Shape Your Financial Future with These 5 Tips

As mothers, business-leaders, and innovators, women are shaping the future. But as we pour ourselves into our passions, sometimes we neglect the future of our own hard-earned dollars. It’s time for us to take action! The question is how. In honor of Mother’s Day this year,… Read More >>

Women Entrepreneurs: Are You Harnessing Your Financial Power?

Traditionally, women have shaped the world through charitable giving and philanthropy. Nowadays, they’re still shaping the world — and making a profit while they’re at it. How? By investing in themselves and harnessing their financial power. More and more, women are applying the same entrepreneurial spirit… Read More >>

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