Celebrating all Dads

June 20, 2021

Dad’s Have Great Advice

On regular occasions when I find myself needing money and life advice, I naturally go back to my father. He always answers my questions, weighs in on business ideas and is a great sounding board when I’m looking for feedback on questions about character. He generously shares his wisdom, and I’m never disappointed with the advice gleaned from my father.

The essence of much of my father’s advice can be found in his office, pinned to a corkboard. This list of life lessons is handwritten and wrinkled but the messaging is as new and refreshing as the day. When I’m feeling overly ambitious with my goals or short on justifying and explanation, my father’s wise words and the sentiment of this list keep me grounded.

Words of Wisdom

The list below is full of many nuggets of wisdom that I now share with my children. We have long since lost the name of the creator of this list, so if you know the name of the original creator, please do share – I would love to give them their due credit. 

1.     Neither a lender nor a borrower be.

2.     Never work to sustain a lifestyle; that way, you’re always in charge.

3.     Work until your idols become your rivals.

4.      Failure shapes nearly every facet of success.

5.     Hire slow, fire fast.

6.     ‘No’ isn’t so bad and ‘yes’ might take you places you never expected.

7.     Run your business like a marathon, but at night with a flashlight, one hurdle at a time.

8.     Don’t be an idiot.

9.     You don’t have to worry about tomorrow if you truly believe in yourself.

Dad’s Encourage Your Children to Thrive

Over the years, I love that my father is always encouraging that feeling in me to become great. I hope that you post this list to your corkboard and use it as a reminder to live your best life and continue to be great!

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