Celebrating Makena!

April 1, 2021

Hello everyone! My name is Makena Yee and I’m currently a full time student at the University of Washington Seattle campus, and in my free time I own my own social media management and content creation business while also running a Seattle food blog (Instagram: @seattle.grub) that covers the Greater Seattle Area. While being at the University of Washington, I truly discovered my interest in interpersonal communication, public relations, and communication as a whole. This led me to pursue the communication major. This venture has taken me through so many experiences and has contributed to who I am today.

Social Media Star

As for my business, I uplift local women-owned businesses in the Greater Seattle Area by creating engaging content, interacting with online communities, and growing brand awareness. Growing up with the emergence of social media has definitely assisted my current career and it’s somewhat my second sense. Social media is not only a way to communicate and connect with others, it can also be used as a helpful tool to enhance business awareness. I started my business around 2 years ago and it has only grown since. I have met a ton of inspiring women from boutique owners all the way to powerful wealth advisors (Alicia). The diverse group of women I work with every single day is inspiring and fuels my passion. Being around like-minded powerful women is my favorite part of what I do. Working as a team with like-minded badass women business owners is inspiring and just shows that we all have a purpose and potential.

A Year to Remember!

I’m excited to say that I have been working alongside Singer Wealth Management for almost a year now and that has definitely opened my eyes to my financial possibilities. Although I’m 21, I had a lack of financial information and Alicia helped me further understand my potential. From learning business tips, to investing monthly, Alicia and I have worked as an amazing team to assist my financial goals. Knowing how to navigate your financial projection can be challenging which is why I choose to continuously work alongside Alicia. If there is one thing I have learned from Singer Wealth Management, it is to invest monthly; no matter how much you have to invest. Working with Alicia is always a pleasure and reminds me how amazing my job is.

Financially Empowered

This year, I took control of my finances (with the help of Singer Wealth Management of course). I gained clarity of my long-term financial goals and learned new investing terms that could indefinitely help me in the near future. Through my monthly investing meetings with Alicia, I have grown financial confidence within my investments and the tools that Alicia provides for me to succeed. Financial confidence takes time, no matter what your situation is. But, with the right resources you can reach financial confidence too. Taking control of my financial situation and monthly investments has truly made me confident in myself, and what I’m doing.

Now, let’s all work together to build a brighter future for ourselves. Like Michelle Obama said: “Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own”. It’s time to celebrate our successes whether it be big or small.

Singer Wealth Management