Happy Anniversary Hope!

November 18, 2020

Grateful to be reaching business goals with Hope

It has been such a wonderful first year working together. I look forward to the many years of collaboration to come, your contributions are incredibly appreciated! Thank you so much! – Alicia

Back to the old days

Way back in my early years, (when I didn’t have grey hair), I was surrounded by bankers and banking.  I did all of my summer jobs and internships working in a bank.  I learned so much about the bottom floor of banking.  Being young and curious, I wasn’t sure at the time that I wanted to be a banker, it seemed so boring.  So, I switched gears and went into advertising and marketing at the corporate level, where I worked for a few years at Nike and Starbucks, which was fun and eventful but again still didn’t answer the “what do I want to do for the rest of my life question.” 

One job onto the next

My next work adventure came once I had kids, I took some time to be a stay at home parent, the jack of all trade job.  During this time, I have spent 20 years taking care of people.  I have taken care of my children, neighbor’s children, friend’s children, soccer teams, robotics teams, PTA duties, co -workers and of course my spouse. Which led me to teaching preschool for the last ten years, which I loved and realized that I like teaching people. After years of coaching and advising my preschool coworkers on how to budget and manage their finances, my son suggested that “I do that for a living, because I love doing it and am really good at it.” I decided, he was right, so I decided to bring all of my experiences together and become a financial planner/wealth manager.  It is a great way to teach people and help them take care of something else that is important to them – their money. 

Empowering women through financial planning

I was super fortunate to have a friendship with Alicia Singer, owner and founder of Singer Wealth Management LLC.   Alicia has been guiding me down the path to becoming a certified financial planner, she has been giving me real world experiences and a tremendous amount of hands on knowledge of how to be a kick ass financial planner while I take classes at the American College of Financial Services to become a Chartered Financial Consultant, CHFC®.  I feel so lucky to work with Alicia, her mission to help empower women and people of color with smart and transparent financial planning is inspirational.   As I celebrate one year working with Alicia, I sit here reflecting on how lucky I am to be doing something I love with someone so amazing and inspiring as Alicia.  Alicia thank you for helping me find my “what I want to do for the rest of my life” job.


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