International Women’s Day at SWM

March 4, 2020

In honor of International Women’s Day, I would like to give a shout-out to my great aunt, Florence Burke. She was born out of a union between the Harneys and Burkes of Ireland and she created a plan to level-up her finances at an early age. Florence excelled at school and forced her way into business upon graduation. She was a staunch business, woman who ran a successful sheet metal factory while her husband, Harry, pursued his equestrian dreams. Florence graced the factory floor wearing gray, brown and blue mohair suits, resembling the hues of an Irish tartan. When she was done with her suits, she packed them up and sent them to our extended family back in Ireland. Philanthropy was part of her make-up as was giving back to her community. She was a regular at weekend mass and a stickler when it came to following rules and avoiding debt. Florence always made time for family and friends. Her hard work and success allowed her the luxury of taking trips across the Atlantic with her girlfriends on the grand and historic Queen Mary Ocean liner. By recognizing opportunity and thriving in a challenging industry, Florence changed the course of her family status from destitute immigrants to an American success story.

Let’s celebrate financially savvy women

As a young girl, we celebrated the holidays at Florence and Harry’s grand house and watched Harry ride his beautiful Clydesdale horses in the Rose Festival Parade in Portland. The great house and the horses were the rewards of Florence’s steely focus toward success. We all heard stories about how the depression and the unpaid government contracts nearly forced the factory to close. We saw Florence rally support in her community and her commitment to keeping the lights on. The thing about Florence that everyone knew was that she never gave or made excuses. She was a force!

She had a vision, and she pursued it. She was a success because she saw a need and filled it by working hard. Through her success, she influenced her community, friends and family.

It is Florence’s story that has hung with me and inspired me to pursue my vision with Singer Wealth Management. Like Florence, I saw a need for a better type of financial firm and like Florence, I’ve invited my community, friends and family in to be a part of this successful business.

Florence is my inspiration that unites the past and the present, and the success from SWM that ripples out to my clients, community friends and family is my greatest joy. So today, let’s celebrate Florence and all of the women that had a vision and the courage to pursue their dream. This month let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with all of the women who have made an impact on us.

At SWM, we would love to hear about the women in your life that have impacted you and have ignited you to transform your financial situation, we’d love to hear your story.

Singer Wealth Management