Let’s ring the bells together, we are celebrating our first anniversary!

April 21, 2020

After years of witnessing a dated approach used by financial advisors to create barriers that prevented the financial empowerment of women, I was inspired to open a modern finance firm. Thus, Singer Wealth Management (SWM) was born. SWM replaces the rich history of industry bias around gender, sex, communication, earnings, investment choices and lifestyle with exciting money conversations in a comfortable space. Common conversations revolve around managing marital assets during divorce, retirement planning and end of life estate planning. Our refreshing conversations around money uplift and never judge clients. Our modern and clear approach to finance helps destroy financial barriers and empowers clients to take control of financial goals.

Unique, daring and original

The past year illustrates that the SWM approach to investment management is working. Our clients say that we are friendly, accessible, inviting and approachable and that they don’t need to sacrifice anything to work with us. Our passionate commitment to educating and empowering has helped our clients rewrite financial histories and come to terms with wealth.  We have no pretense or artifice – just great style, great service and great value. Our elegant space at the Stimson Green Mansion provides a beautiful refuge where transparent conversations around finance are welcomed. This historic home is a worthy place to leave fear and trepidation around money behind, and open new doors to financial confidence. 

We will continue to challenge the traditional “take no offense” mass-market mentality in favor of something more unique, daring and original. Our supportive and inclusive culture make us unique in modern finance. Our ability to be unconditionally honest takes guts and supporting our local community takes commitment. SWM is my response to an outdated, oversaturated, overpriced, market of wannabes who replicate “finance on steroid” firms that have no distinct vision and nothing heartfelt to say.

Leaders in financial empowerment

At SWM, we will continue to be the finance firm that provides honesty, clarity, integrity and we welcome financial conversations that create excitement around financial solutions. We are thrilled to be leaders in financial empowerment and fortunate to work with a mix of authentic, sophisticated clients. No matter what age, economic status, zip code or occupation we encourage financial liberation and discovery of personal financial freedom.

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