Moneypenny Minute: Your Finance Moment

October 17, 2022

Think about how you can make money in more ways than one

Rihanna is a famous singer, but she’s also an actor, businesswoman, landlord and a brand ambassador for names such as Puma, Balmain and Armani.

So, take a look at yourself. If you see yourself “just” as a doctor, C suite executive, or marketing director – then think about what else you could be doing this year, next year or ten years from now to earn cash outside of your current career.

Work harder on your side hustle (write that book or build that app or design that clothing or fragrance line), offer your unused talents by freelancing in some way or another. Who knows where any of those things may take you! At the very least, plan how you’re going to save up to buy property so that you can earn a passive income from tenants too. Don’t limit yourself by thinking that cash must come from a singular job or company, cash can flow from many sources at once when you put your mind to it.

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