Thinking of you, be well

April 8, 2020

I love early morning walks along Alki. The sound of the rain gently reuniting with the water gives me the opportunity to observe this wild place on its terms. I visit this place as often as possible, throughout the seasons and in every kind of weather. I’ve seen the shore stay flooded for days because of El Nino winter rains, watched a funnel cloud touch down on the salty Salish Sea, and listened to thunder and lightning bolts fully ignite the sky. I’ve seen the sandbars, seals and eagles age and grow. In these observations I create a deeper connection with my surroundings, and I’ve learned to wind this type of observation into my practice, when working with clients. In observing how my clients organize their finances through space and time as risk is increased or minimized, I help them better understand their personal financial transformations.

SWM is celebrating our first transformative year of breaking down barriers

After years of experience witnessing barriers preventing empowerment of women in obtaining financial strength, I created SWM to destroy those barriers and empower them. The SWM focus is to provide a space where clients can discuss their finances on their terms in a place that is judgment-free. SWM is a place where education, compassion and understanding work in unison with empathy and kindness. Today, I couldn’t be prouder of the space that we’ve created for clients and the joy that each client brings.

SWM’s office at the Stimson Green Mansion provides a rich history and a great environment in which to help clients. We help clients rewrite their history and come to terms with finances. We share relatable money and life stories that drive financial goals and investment choices. We cut through fear and trepidation from past life experiences and open the doors to financial empowerment.

We are finding hope in nature, history and humanity

In these tenuous moments that have become our new reality, we are only just beginning to realize how this pandemic will affect all of us emotionally and financially. I find hope in nature, history and humanity and a better understanding of things that matter. As we peel back the layers of time, we see that the mysteries of life have a familiar pattern, and each personal journey down that path contains moments of shared compassion, understanding and joy, revealing that this life never loses its magic.

So, to all of you, I can’t wait until we can continue making financial plans together. Until then, know that we are thinking of you, and be well.

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