We’ll take a cup of o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.

February 11, 2021

We continue to move beyond last year, toward lighter days ahead. The year 2020 will forever be remembered as the year that we all learned much about the fragility of life and loss, the necessity of adaptation and resilience, and most importantly about the power of true kindness.

How often do we listen to the person before us?

True kindness translates into consistently treating others with respect and actively listening to the people around us – and especially, to the person before us. By listening with ears, eyes and heart, communication and collaboration encourage our fulfillment.

Kindness is an essential value instilled by parents and encouraged by community, and it is vital to our success. While kindness means being considerate, it also means being courageous. So when kindness and courage are used to approach personal finance, it becomes a force, shifting toward financial well-being. Physical and mental health are directly connected to financial health. When finances are healthy and in good order, rest is sound, stress is a stranger, and the small joys of life become clear.

How do we achieve financial kindness?

Shifting financial well-being from a place of stress to a place of health takes small, regular steps. Begin by taking steps to create an emergency fund, save for retirement, and create a budget that helps you understand your household cashflow. Controlling your cashflow instead of having your cashflow control you is a healthy step that everyone can take. Having clarity around cashflow encourages financial responsibility. The responsible use of limited resources makes the ability to reach financial goals more realistic. Small steps across the financial stepping-stones may prevent financial roadblocks in the future.

Financial essentials!

In addition to taking small, healthy steps, financial wellness is founded on financial essentials such as education, technology and a trusted professional. The reason that financial education is so important is because knowledge is power. Approaching financial decisions from an informed position typically leads to better long-term and short-term results. The second essential is financial technology. Taking advantage of apps to stay focused on finance, encourages financial fitness from the safety and comfort of home. The third essential is a trusted financial advisor. When being vulnerable around financial health, it is paramount to be in the presence of someone who is a professional fiduciary and personally committed to taking the small steps with you. An honest, transparent, jargon-free setting is a healthy vantage to approach financial planning. A fee-only fiduciary is the perfect guide to help you move toward your financial goals.

At SWM culture and wisdom encourage financial independence!

When the culture of the firm and the wisdom of the financial advisor nourish and inspire, you will have found the kind of support that encourages your financial independence to flourish.

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