Women Entrepreneurs: Are You Harnessing Your Financial Power?

May 2, 2019

Traditionally, women have shaped the world through charitable giving and philanthropy. Nowadays, they’re still shaping the world — and making a profit while they’re at it. How? By investing in themselves and harnessing their financial power.

More and more, women are applying the same entrepreneurial spirit and vision to their personal financial development as they are to building the businesses that they’re passionate about. In fact, that entrepreneurial spirit often encourages women to invest in themselves by investing in their businesses.

Women entrepreneurs with amazing business models are using their own money and tapping into angel investors in order to lay the groundwork for the future growth of their companies. They are investing heavily in their start-ups, then fueling their endeavors by aligning their hard work with their personal values to ensure their start-ups thrive.

And that’s just the beginning.

Invest with purpose. Invest in your future.

Harnessing your full financial power means investing back into yourself once your company becomes profitable.  

As many women entrepreneurs have learned, an important way to harness your full financial power is by moving a portion of your income to your personal investment accounts. By slowly investing a part of your income into the market, you are managing your fees and risk while building robust investment accounts that meet your personal needs and goals.

Here’s a few pointers to get you started:

  • When your business begins to generate revenue, you should focus on funding your personal financial goals at the same pace

  • Put a strategy in place that aligns with your values and that will allow you to be successful

  • Let your professional and personal values guide your investment direction and purpose — when you invest in what you believe in, it can breed great success in business and in investing

Let’s get the conversation started.

As women entrepreneurs begin investing, they often finding it fulfilling to make investment choices that are in step with their passions and values. But for many, this is more easily said than done.

If you are like many women entrepreneurs, you’re likely seeking more financial education so that you make the choices that work best for you. You want to align your new wealth with your personal values and financial goals, you want to make sure that your investment decisions have been made mindfully in regards to your risk tolerance and time horizons, and you want to ensure that you have the diversity to improve your investments’ performance in meeting your personal financial goals.

This why the best advice SWM can offer all women business owners is that they find someone they trust and seek out financial advice — on their own terms.

If you are not having high-quality money conversations with your financial advisor, find a better advisor! Having better financial conversations with authentic companies that respect our investment needs and concerns means truly harnessing our financial power as women and as entrepreneurs.

At SWM, we would love to have a money conversation with you and learn what moves you to put your start-up dollars behind your core values.

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