Private wealth management to pursue your financial goals

Recent research suggests that women in the United States may soon hold the majority of household wealth. Yet women have complex financial needs and goals that are often sidelined in financial conversations.


Alicia Singer founded Singer Wealth Management because it’s time to do better – for women, for diverse communities, and for everyone who hasn’t seen themselves in the financial community.

It’s time for YOU.

Our progressive and relatable approach to wealth management is all about providing accurate and clear information for a richer experience around financial independence. We believe in delivering tailored financial planning services that will help women and minority individuals protect and grow their resources — on their own terms.

(Picture from Left to Right: Makena Yee, Jose Barbosa, Pam Sheppele, Alicia Singer, Danni Blue, Nate Singer, Sophia Singer)

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Information + Inspiration = Empowerment

Private, progressive, and woman-owned, Singer Wealth Management offers a tailored financial experience with a unique perspective.

  • We prioritize long-term, goal-driven investment strategies
  • We emphasize clarity and confidence in your personal finances
  • We believe in the power of financial freedom — on your terms

With the support of a diverse team of compassionate and action-oriented women, Alicia takes the time to help you prioritize your investment goals and thoroughly understand your investment options. Our goal is for you to grow your wealth in a way that reflects your values and aligns with your lifestyle.

(Picture from Left to Right: Back Row: Sophia Singer, Jose Barbosa, Makena Yee, Pam Sheppele. Front Row: Nate Singer, Alicia Singer, Danni Blue)

Take charge of your financial future.

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Meet Alicia Singer

Alicia Singer is the founder and principal financial advisor at Singer Wealth Management. A Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), Alicia’s mission is to serve her clients’ best financial interests throughout life’s twists and turns.

After years spent as a financial advisor in top wealth management firms, Alicia created SWM as an alternative to the dominant, male-oriented investment culture. Offering a modern wealth management experience prioritizing honest, clear, and substantive advice, SWM is Alicia’s response to the need she saw for trustworthy and approachable financial advisors who understand women’s unique timelines and priorities.

“My clients are a lot like me, living busy lives, working toward their personal goals, and wanting to take hold of their financial lives. It’s a joy to educate and empower other women to live their richest financial lives and turn their goals into reality.”

~Alicia Singer, SWM Founder

Alicia believes in women helping women and building a strong community built on savvy financial independence. SWM reflects these commitments in every facet of its financial planning and wealth management services. A “jargon-free zone,” Alicia ensures that every SWM client receives clear and accurate guidance through open, transparent conversations.

A better tomorrow starts with an empowered today.

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Advancing community.

We strongly believe in investing in our local community through local hiring, fair wage practices, and ongoing professional training and development to best serve our clients. By aligning our investment strategies with our clients’ values, we contribute to a better future.

Advancing women.

As part of our commitment to changing the culture of the wealth management industry, we are proud to support women’s education in the field of finance with a scholarship fund dedicated to women studying toward a financial degree or certificate.

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