* t w o * Years to Remember

Reflecting on the recent past requires us to think about the Covid-19 pandemic. The tremendous toll that the pandemic has taken on our health, traditions and livelihoods will be with us for years; however, it’s also important for us to recognize the achievements that have come… Read More >>

Celebrating Makena!

Hello everyone! My name is Makena Yee and I’m currently a full time student at the University of Washington Seattle campus, and in my free time I own my own social media management and content creation business while also running a Seattle food blog (Instagram: @seattle.grub)… Read More >>

Welcome Katy!

Excited to be growing our team at SWM  SWM is growing! Welcome Katy Cook, our first Client Associate. Katy is a keen observer of the details and uses her training, integrity and boundless kindness to help clients work toward the financial goals that matter most to therm…. Read More >>

Happy Anniversary Hope!

Grateful to be reaching business goals with Hope It has been such a wonderful first year working together. I look forward to the many years of collaboration to come, your contributions are incredibly appreciated! Thank you so much! – Alicia Back to the old days Way… Read More >>

Hope is a thing with feathers

“Hope is a thing with feathers” – Emily Dickinson We all hope to be financially independent. That feeling where we know that we don’t owe anything to anybody and can live life feeling content. If your finances are secure your options are unlimited. You are free… Read More >>

It’s Time to Take the Reins!

It’s time to take the reins of your estate plan and secure your personal representative. We can think of our estate plan as an extension of our larger life. Whether you’re planning to pass your assets to a beneficiary or your favorite charity, having an estate… Read More >>

Jumping over gender gaps toward financial independence!

Overcoming gender gaps and becoming financially independent sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? The good news is that financial independence is possible, while simultaneously working to narrow the gender gaps. A gender gap is the discrepancy in opportunities, status, and attitudes between men and women. What you… Read More >>

LGBTQ Road to Financial Freedom

All of us have the same core needs, but not all needs are met the same way.  The cultural limits placed on women and LGBTQ populations, directly impact the ability to reach personal financial goals. Some of the issues that we need to be mindful of… Read More >>

Honestly, What’s Unravelling the Stock Markets?

These days volatility is the twist that is holding the market knot together Let’s put this volatility into context. Since its inception in the 1900s, the stock market has bounced around regularly. The explosiveness that has penetrated the market has led to legendary swings in the… Read More >>

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