Moneypenny Minute: Your Finance Moment

Celebrating Four Years at SWM Four years ago, I started Singer Wealth Management to empower diverse communities to take control of their finances. Today, we have grown into a thriving ‘dream team,’ working to inspire clients from coast to coast each day to be champions for… Read More >>

Fill Up Your Cup With Financial Freedom 

As we celebrate the women who are moving the needle for the collective, it’s important for every woman leader to remember: fill up your cup. No one can pour from an empty cup – not even the most resilient woman. On this International Women’s Day, nourish… Read More >>

Our Dream Team is Growing

Danni Blue Danni Blue is a skilled Virtual Assistant, Travel Designer, and occasional flight attendant. As the “Swiss army knife” for Singer Wealth Management, Danni is a multifaceted resource responsible for a wide range of tasks, from organizing administrative and procedural business process to event planning… Read More >>

How Money Can Enrich or Erode Your Relationships

Money touches the heart of every relationship, including friendships, romantic partnerships, and family relationships. Whether you’re contemplating your estate plan or questioning who should pay the bill at the end of a date, money has the power to express our highest values or trigger our deepest… Read More >>

Moneypenny Minute: Your Finance Moment

What is Financial Wellness? One of the ways that Sarah Jessica Parker went from rags to riches was by focusing on her financial wellness. Financial wellness is the ability to develop healthy emotions around money, build literacy around money, and utilize financial tools and strategies that… Read More >>

How to Care For Your Financial Health & Well-Being

There’s something special about tapping into genuine financial well-being, and guess what? It isn’t just about accumulating more zeros to your bottom line. Genuine financial health is about accessing a sense of financial stability and opportunity that nourishes our physical and psychological well-being. In this blog,… Read More >>

Moneypenny Minute: Your Finance Moment

There are many ways to give this season Barbra Streisand gives generously and has donated over $16 million of her net worth to charitable causes. There is no denying that Streisand is one of the greatest actresses, musicians, and philanthropists in all of Hollywood. In 1986, she created… Read More >>

Moneypenny Minute: Your Finance Moment

Adena Friedman is CEO of Nasdaq and a champion for diversity and transparency on corporate boards. At an event for the Thirty Percent Coalition, Friedman summed up her view with the following quote: “if you don’t have those diverse voices that are helping lead the company,… Read More >>

Why Gratitude is Essential for You and Your Finances

If you’ve ever met a person who practices gratitude, chances are you were touched by their warmth and kindness. Whether we’re living in the best of times or worst of times, gratitude has a way of quietly enriching our lives. When we choose to cultivate gratitude,… Read More >>

Moneypenny Minute: Your Finance Moment

Think about how you can make money in more ways than one Rihanna is a famous singer, but she’s also an actor, businesswoman, landlord and a brand ambassador for names such as Puma, Balmain and Armani. So, take a look at yourself. If you see yourself… Read More >>

3 Steps to Quitting Your Job and Following Your Passion

As “The Great Resignation” unfolds, many professional women are quitting their jobs to pursue their passions. Whether your vision includes traveling the world or starting your own business, taking groundbreaking steps requires planning.  In this blog, you’ll find how to: Embrace your unique path Make a… Read More >>

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