Empowered Wealth: 7 Trailblazing Women in Finance

March 15, 2024

This International Women’s History Month, we’re tipping our hats to the remarkable women who are reshaping financial history with their impactful thought leadership. These financial luminaries offer us more than just inspiration; they continually refresh us with innovative ideas and methods for accessing financial freedom. 

Here are 7 trailblazing women who are using their voices to promote financial health and wealth: 

1. Farnoosh Torabi

  • Who she is: Financial journalist, author, and host of the “So Money” podcast.
  • Why we love her work: Farnoosh’s dedication to simplifying finance aligns seamlessly with the pursuit of financial goals. On her podcast, Farnoosh shares practical insights from industry leaders, offering a roadmap for navigating the road to wealth creation.
  • What she does best: Beyond demystifying financial jargon, Farnoosh’s background in journalism and her relatable approach make her a great advocate for financial empowerment. Her focus on actionable advice resonates with those aiming to turn financial aspirations into reality.
  • Where you can find her work: So Money Podcast

2. Tiffany Grant

  • Who she is: Financial educator, host of the “Money Talk with Tiff” podcast, and founder of the Wealth Over Now community.
  • Why we love her work: Tiffany’s commitment to financial education is a beacon for those who are looking to define and achieve their financial goals. Her podcast and community foster a supportive environment, covering everything from selecting debt management to small business taxes.
  • What she does best: Tiffany’s holistic approach to financial education extends beyond numbers and data. She excels at connecting financial literacy to personal aspirations, helping her audience make financial decisions that are both aligned and informed.
  • Where you can find her work: Money Talk with Tiff

3. Paula Pant

  • Who she is: Founder of the personal finance blog and podcast “Afford Anything.”
  • Why we love her work: Paula’s emphasis on intentional choices echoes the sentiment that financial literacy is the linchpin for achieving one’s aspirations. Her experience as a traveler, journalist, and entrepreneur who ditched her 9-5 is likely to resonate with readers who want to follow a fresh path to financial freedom.
  • What she does best: Paula’s nuanced insights into real estate and passive income, combined with her journalistic background, contribute to a comprehensive understanding of wealth building for the next generation. Her work is an invaluable resource for those looking to align their financial strategies with their unconventional life goals.
  • Where you can find her work: Afford Anything

4. Jean Chatzky

  • Who she is: Financial journalist, author, and CEO of HerMoney.
  • Why we love her work: Jean Chatzky’s focus on bridging the gender wealth gap makes her an excellent resource for women seeking to enhance their financial literacy. HerMoney provides tailored advice and discussions that resonate with women’s specific financial challenges and aspirations.
  • What she does best: With a background in journalism and deep financial expertise, Jean empowers women, including those with high net worth, to take control of their financial destinies through straightforward and actionable insights.
  • Where you can find her work: HerMoney

5.  Mellody Hobson

  • Who she is: Co-CEO and President of Ariel Investments, Board Chair of Starbucks.
  • Why we love her work: Mellody is a true trailblazer in the investment and business world. Her leadership at Ariel Investments and on the board of major corporations exemplifies vision and rich experience. We love that she strongly advocates for financial literacy as a means of breaking down barriers.
  • What she does best: Mellody’s influence extends beyond finance, as she actively addresses issues of racial and gender equality in her work. Her financial wisdom aligns with a broader commitment to creating a more equitable world. 
  • Where you can find her work: Twitter and Ariel Investments

6. Bola Sokunbi

  • Who she is: Founder and CEO of Clever Girl Finance.
  • Why we love her work: Bola Sokunbi’s Clever Girl Finance offers a unique blend of personal finance education and community support, making it an ideal platform for women seeking to develop financial literacy and take control of their wealth-building journey.
  • What she does best: Bola’s journey from financial struggles to success is inspiring. Her practical advice, coupled with her real-life experiences, gives readers relatable guidance for achieving financial goals.
  • Where you can find her work: Clever Girl Finance

7. Michelle Singletary

  • Who she is: Personal finance columnist for The Washington Post and author.
  • Why we love her work: Michelle Singletary’s no-nonsense approach to personal finance, coupled with her emphasis on financial values and discipline, makes her an excellent guide for women looking to navigate and grow their wealth with a solid foundation.
  • What she does best: Michelle’s emphasis on financial values and discipline contributes to building a solid financial foundation. Her timeless advice serves as a guiding light for those looking to achieve and maintain financial success.
  • Where you can find her work: The Washington Post

Celebrating Women on the Path to Financial Freedom

We’re so grateful to these women for the impactful content that they create! With so much noise out there, it’s important to find the voices that speak to you and your own wealth-building journey. 

Whether you’re exploring your best path to retirement or the next steps for your estate plan, we’re here to support you. 

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