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Singer Wealth Management harnesses the power of investment strategies that work for you.

Your goals. Your values. Your life.

With honest, transparent, and informed guidance, we provide a tailored financial experience that supports your evolving lifestyle and nourishes your aspirations.

For too long, the culture of wealth management firms has been chained to outdated ideas about women and wealth. Financial models often fail to consider what makes women different — everything from their distinctive life cycles and earning potential to their life expectancy and financial values.

We help women grow and protect their wealth for the long term. Unexpected life moments such as divorce, career change, loss, and inheritance can feel overwhelming and confusing. As your financial partner, we’ll be there to support and guide through whatever life throws your way.

At Singer Wealth Management, we invest in women.

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When it comes to you and your money, you need the right information.


Clarity around costs and investment performance bring peace of mind.


Trust, sincerity, and truth are the foundations of our financial advocacy.


We welcome and respect all whose interests have been historically underrepresented in the financial industry.

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Financial freedom and with a strong foundation.

From the Roman goddess Libertas to the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, western tradition has a long history of depicting Liberty as a woman. But in the financial industry today, many women feel anything but free. Stifled by a male-dominated financial culture far behind the curve in terms of recognizing and valuing the earning potential of today’s professional women, many female investors feel confused and unsupported in their financial lives. Reclaim the legacy of Lady Liberty and declare your financial freedom.

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We provide accurate information, transparent practices, and supportive guidance so that you can be your own Wonder Woman.

Shape your financial future, starting now.

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