Wealth and well-being for independent thinkers.

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You are smart, savvy, and you’ve got vision — what you need is information, clarity, and support to help you take control.

After all, that’s how communities grow stronger — through wise, empowered wealth management decisions.

Our clients are community-oriented travelers, entertainment seekers, and life-lovers — people from diverse backgrounds and communities who want to live fully and joyfully in an increasingly interconnected global environment where they can be anywhere, do anything, and still have full access to the financial support they need.

“We all strive to find something unique and special that we are passionate about that separates us from the rest.”

– Carissa Moore

Financial independence with the freedom to thrive

Financial independence is more than financial freedom. It’s what happens when you’ve made a clear plan, you’ve had the hard conversations about your money, and you have all the information you need at your fingertips – and a supportive community in which you can really find your way on your own terms.

At Singer Wealth Management, we’re all about financial security with a family feel – in other words, we’re all about meeting you where you are and wholeheartedly helping you achieve your goals in a way that is aligned with your values.

When we get to know who you are, what you care about, and what your goals are, we can help you enjoy yourself more now, feel more secure in your future, and continue living in a way that brings you joy.

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A foundation built on trust, convenience, and joy

As a community, we value your freedom, your future, your health, and your well-being.

When it comes to tough financial choices, trust is everything.

  • Trust that you’re getting the information you need when you need it.
  • Trust that your time will be valued and honored so that you can get on with what really matters.
  • Trust that your choices and your ideas will be heard and supported.
  • Trust that your financial community has your back in every way.
  • And trust that you can have fun in the process!

By prioritizing convenience, we’re prioritizing YOU.

As a virtual firm with beautiful brick-and-mortar locations in Seattle and Portland, we are set up to meet you wherever you are, wherever we are, and anywhere in between. Show up from your boat! Show up with your puppies! Show up with the fullness of your life — that’s what it’s all about, after all.

By making it as convenient to meet as we can, we’re committing ourselves to honoring and celebrating your TIME. The one non-renewable resource that our clients are always craving more of.

When we talk about joy, we mean it. Your relationships, your communities, your hobbies, your charitable activities — these are things that bring you joy, and we want you to have the time, energy, and financial resources to invest where it really matters. What you value brings joy — and that’s your gift to the world. We’re here to help you flourish.

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Community gatherings

Dreams, goals, fears, and frustrations.

When we create safe spaces to share with one another, it lights the spark of change and ignites new thinking for everyone involved. And at Singer Wealth Management, we believe that the best way to create safe conversations is with good food and good company!

We see our financial community like family, and like any family, it can be nice to gather — whether it’s an impromptu meal or an organized event. Making connections and exploring ideas is what we’re all about! When every idea can be heard without judgment, supportive, open conversations about money concerns and life dreams can come to life.

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