Mastering Your Wealth Management During a Demanding Career

January 5, 2024

In the ever-growing city of Seattle, where the tech industry thrives alongside a robust healthcare sector, professionals like physicians, dentists, and tech professionals are often immersed in the height of their careers. 

If you fall into this category, you know that the reality of these exciting careers can also mean demanding hours and some sacrifices – including limited time for financial self-care. Knowing that there are only 24 hours in a day, what are some simple ways to keep on top of your wealth without much effort

Here are 3 pillars of mastering wealth management amid a demanding career. 

Find Value in Financial Self-Care

To find the motivation to regularly connect with your finances, think of your regular financial check-ins as wellness visits to the doctor or a much-deserved spa day. After all, your financial wellness is intimately connected to your physical and emotional wellness. Need a more immediate connection between your self-care and finances? Might not hurt to tack on a mani/pedi or massage to your quarterly financial check-in! 

Whether you choose to fly solo or schedule these check-ins with a financial planner, it’s great to evaluate:

  1. The status of your financial goals
  2. Your portfolio’s investment performance
  3. Any legal documents that might need refreshing (think: wills and estate plans)

We can’t overstate the value of prioritizing the harmony between career aspirations and personal life. By incorporating your finances into your self-care routine, you are making a commitment to nourishing your personal wellness. 

Streamline Your Financial Journey

Amidst the exhilarating pace of your profession, simple solutions tailored to your busy schedule are key. 

Consider leveraging technology to automate financial tasks seamlessly. You can: 

  • Set up automatic bill payments
  • Schedule regular savings or investment transfers
  • Utilize budgeting or expense-splitting apps
  • Download an investment app to track your progress

Take this example: Imagine that you’re headed on a vacation with friends. To fully enjoy your trip and avoid any awkward money situations, you can use a simple app like Splitwise or Tricount to easily track your expenses and calculate owed sums – no headache-inducing or friendship-stressing balance sheets required. 

You can also consider working with a financial advisor who leverages technology to connect with and update clients who are always on the go. The balance of a wealth manager’s care and tech’s efficiency can offer a more bespoke, reassuring approach than the latest robo advisor, while offering a more up-to-date approach than traditional advisors.

Build Fool-Proof Habits

Here’s where and how you can begin to streamline your financial wellness today. Borrow some habit-building principles from James Clear’s straightforward “Atomic Habits” to help simplify your financial routine without fuss:

1. Start Small: 

Kickstart your financial revolution with tiny changes. Begin by leveraging existing technology to automate even the simplest tasks, like setting up automatic bill payments or scheduling small, regular transfers to your investment account. Over time, these small adjustments accumulate into a significant impact on your financial health.

2. Two-Minute Rule: 

Make initiating financial habits effortless. Commit to starting with just two minutes of setting up a helpful app, like a budgeting app or digital platforms for investment tracking. Focus on starting these habits rather than achieving immediate perfection.

3. Enhance Your Environment: 

Craft an environment conducive to financial success. Ensure visible reminders of your financial goals and optimize your digital space with digital tools. Set up your financial environment intentionally to encourage habitual financial monitoring.

4. Track Your Progress: 

Measure your financial progress systematically. Habitually track your expenses and investment performance using these platforms. Witnessing your financial journey unfold will fuel motivation and drive continued progress.

5. Make your financial habits Obvious, Attractive, Easy, and Satisfying. 

Create clear prompts or reminders to manage expenses and investments easily. Make these habits appealing and satisfying to sustainably integrate them into your routine.

This is Your Year for Financial Excellence

Whether you’re new to financial wellness or looking to level up your game, we’re here for it! 

Connect with our team for a complimentary introductory meeting to see if our approach aligns with your financial goals.

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