How to Travel When You Love Your Job

August 23, 2019

At some point we all daydream about vacation — sipping wine in glowing vineyards, dipping our toes in glassy lagoons, meandering through world-class galleries. 

While it can be hard to pull away from our daily lives and ambitions in order to travel, it can do a world of good for us. Vacation time can help us better control stress, train our brains to be more responsive, and even reduce the risk of heart disease.

Even with a successful career or business, we all need to try and take time to refresh. Here are a few ways to give yourself the play time that your mind and body deserve.

The power of planning ahead

While pouring over guidebooks and making dinner reservations may be more exciting than checking off your work to-do list, planning for work is just as crucial for enjoying your trip away. 

If possible, try not to take on new projects right before heading out of town. Instead, give yourself at least one week before you leave to focus on knocking out tasks for existing projects. Check in with any teammates so you can answer questions before heading out of the office. Taking a bit of extra time to organize your work obligations will help you relax on vacation and hit the ground running when you return.

Commit to disconnecting

Do yourself a huge favor — ask a colleague to oversee your inbox or set up an out-of-office message that directs people to email your colleague with any urgent concerns. Next time your colleague decides to take time off, you can return the favor. 

But sometimes disconnecting is easier said than done. Before giving into those email notifications while on vacation, ask yourself: 

  • “Can this wait until I’m back in the office?”
  • “Can my colleague handle this?” 

If there’s no way around it, carve out limited time in your travel schedule to do your work. By designating specific work hours, you create space to focus on work so you can fully dive into exploring your destination. 

Take the leap and become a digital nomad 

For some, a short vacation is all they need to feel rejuvenated, but others see travel as a way of life. In an increasingly digital age where an office can be swapped for a laptop and a Wi-Fi hotspot, many business owners are taking their businesses on the road. 

A mobile business clearly offers the travel-hungry business owner an opportunity to roam the world, but it can also bring other benefits to her business. 

The change of scenery can bring your values into sharp focus. When you’re in a new location and eager to explore, you’ll likely want to make the most of your time by getting to know your new home. This requires planning your time effectively and saying no to less fruitful opportunities. You’ll want to ask yourself, “is this phone call/guest blog post/interview” really worth my time?

Taking your business on the road can challenge you to consider what opportunities offer the greatest potential impact and how to plan accordingly.

You have a world of opportunity 

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or embarking on the life of a globe-trotting digital nomad, we all want to get out there. 

No matter how you travel, it helps to have a plan. Let’s talk about building a financial plan that takes you where you want to go. 

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