SWM Has an Intern

August 12, 2021

Meet Our Intern!

Hello everyone! My name is Sophia Singer, and I am currently taking part in an internship at Singer Wealth Management to gain real-world experience in the finance industry and broaden my financial understanding of financial planning and investing. I am currently a third-year student, pursuing a degree in business and finance at San Diego State University. During my free time, I love visiting with friends and family as well as traveling, hiking, and soaking up the sun on the beautiful San Diego beaches. From a young age I have always been very savvy when it comes to money. Whether it be deciding between “need” and “want” financial decisions while shopping or managing my cash for short-term and long-term expenses. I have always been surrounded by finance and I’ve developed a competent financial mindset. 

Our Intern Has a Plan

While participating in this internship, I intend to gain hands-on experience and a real-world understanding of finance that is missing from my college program. Going into the finance industry as a woman can be scary at times but working at a women-owned firm surrounded by like-minded women in finance feels empowering. Being surrounded by strong, grounded women is helping me gain the confidence that I need as I continue to grow my financial base and eventually take on the role as a female Financial Advisor at Singer Wealth Management.

Our Intern’s Got Goals

My goals for this internship are to expand my investment knowledge and strategies, deepen my expertise around cash flow, increase my understanding of the ins and outs of good debt vs bad debt, and learn how to build a financial plan. As a Gen Z, being able to have an overview of the macro and microeconomics that affect all financial planning and investing decisions is very important to me. The more I learn about finance, the more I realize how vital it is to acquire a strong financial education. By gaining a strong financial understanding, I can protect my mental health as we face the many financial uncertainties surrounding the constantly changing government regulations, tax rules, healthcare, pandemic response, as well as local and international political and financial changes. I want to have a strong financial base to help me to confidently navigate through all the financial uncertainties that I will encounter once I graduate from college.  

Our Intern Gets Personal 

Personally, I pursued this internship because not only do I wish to grow my understanding of finance and dip my toes in the financial industry, but I also want to gain first-hand experience with the tools I have spent so much time learning about. During my internship, I will practice putting together investment strategies and tracking how well these strategies perform against the indexes. I also plan to get familiar with my understanding around taxes, as I will be paying them this year. The importance of money management and being fiscally responsible with spending habits is an important life skill we all need to master. By deepening my understanding around budgeting for travel and sharing expenses with college roommates I hope to continue to have good money management skills that I can share with my friends. Although I’m in my 20’s, I regularly fund my Roth IRA and invest in the stock market for my future. I have found that saving for my future is not as lucrative as investing my money in the stock market for my future. I like talking about money and investing with my friends because I think that we can all benefit by sharing our money tips for building a more secure financial future. Finally, I want to come out of this internship with a steady grasp on my personal financial goals and an advanced knowledge of how to build my portfolio and retire when I feel I have accomplished my work desires, not when my savings allow it. 

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